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If you are thinking about joining us for our Expedition CV rider program we want to assure you that a large component of the trip is pure fun. You will be riding nearly 700 miles through some of most beautiful back country terrain on the planet. You will ride through large expanses of the Mojave Desert and you will explore places in Death Valley National Park that most motorcyclists will never get the chance to see. Death Valley is America's second largest national park with less than 200 miles of paved roads and over 1300 miles of rough unimproved byways. It is an awesome place to explore and some of the most amazing sights on earth await you on this fantastic 5 day adventure.

The Training: In this unique program we focus on several things – Most importantly we focus on riding a fully loaded motorcycle through some tough terrain. From a "rider education" perspective we do what we call situational training. We ride as a group, and when we approach a tough section your trip leader will stop the group and lead a discussion on what the challenge is regarding the particular obstacle. Once the details of "conquering" the challenge have been discussed the guides will direct the riders through the obstacle one at a time. Advanced riders may be able to negotiate the obstacle unassisted, while the more novice riders may get some help from the team. We heavily emphasize teamwork and all the riders help one another if the task demands it.

One of the great things about the sport of Adventure Riding is the Camaraderie that develops with groups that need to depend on each other in the back country. It's a lot of fun to successfully ride through tough terrain as a group. Everyone ends up with a real sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Prerequisites: In order to participate in this program you need to have completed either our "Intro to Adventure" training program or our "Next Step" training program.

Navigation: Many riders know only the basic functions of a GPS. This program has a lot of emphasis on GPS utilization. In this program you will learn how to use the "routing" function to go to waypoints. You'll learn how to track back You will have the chance to load tracks and routes, You will learn to enter waypoints manually, and all sorts of other things that GPS's are good for.

Medkit Field First Aid: BMW Off-Road Academy has a team of Paramedics on staff, and part of your program will be the development of a personal first aid kit aimed at the type of injuries you are most likely to sustain in the back country. Being able to render basic first aid is an important aspect of spending time in the wilderness. We will be providing each member of this class with a comprehensive first aid kit suitable for motorcyclists. Part of the class will consist of a through explanation of each item in the kit and suggestions for personal additions to the kit.

Camping and cooking: Many people have not camped since they were children. In fact many folks confess that they have never set a tent up in their life. So… we are going to have a basic seminar on camping. Site selection, tent set up, and the rudiments of moto-camping are part of this fun and informal lesson.

As to cooking: We want to demonstrate the types and benefits of the various camp stoves that are available – so here's the deal. On at least two occasions during the trip we will bring out our selection of camping stoves and show you how they work. We'll make a group dinner "pot luck style" each guy will be assigned a task and we will have a few beers and make dinner as a group. Frankly it adds to the overall experience of Adventure Riding. BUT – don't worry RawHyde's Chef will also be working with you to make sure that each evenings meal is a delicious one.

Tire Repair: We know for a fact that most people have never taken their tire repair kit out from under the seat of their bikes. Flat tires are a fact of life in back country travel. There are several differing types of tire repair kits and we have them all. We will do a tire repair seminar and talk about "re-inflation" matters as well. Plugs vs. strings & Co2 cartridges vs. Pumps. Benefits and detriments.

Basic bike repair - parts and tools to carry: This is a tough topic… nobody likes to "walk out" if their bike breaks down. We will spend some time talking about the most frequent breakdowns on modern bikes and the fixes that are available. There is a nifty product called the GS911 that allows you to diagnose and reset most faults. We will talk about it and a few other neat gizmos.

ADV Designs tools Tools: There is a definite set of tools that are necessary to carry with you on your BMW GS. You need to be prepared to work on your bike to solve the common mechanical problems. We will spend some time and walk through all the basic tools that are necessary. We use & recommend bike specific tool-kits by Adventure Designs.

Self extraction: I know a rider who walked 12 miles out of a back country setting because he "buried" his bike. What does "buried" mean? In soft sand the tire can dig in until the skid pan of the bike is resting on the ground. At that point the tire just spins. What to do? The answer is simple – but sometimes stress takes away mental clarity. A simple tip we provide can make all the difference in the world. We will also conduct a towing lesson and give each of our riders the chance to tow another to gain confidence and get the feel of it.

Communications: The ability to communicate with the outside world can make a huge difference to riders alone in the back country. There is a sense of security that comes from knowing that you can reach out from anywhere. Satellite phones, GPS trackers and other devices are available. No one should venture into the back country without a reliable method of reaching out from the back country.

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