The Triple Nickel

Five Days, Five Bikes, Five incredible rides.

How would you like to test ride all the 2013 Adventure bikes in one location and check out all the aftermarket products available for them at the same time?

RawHyde is the founder of a program called "World of Adventure". The goal of the program is to create a way that Adventure Riders can easily learn about all the products and services available to them. At the RMAC you'll be able to test BMW, KTM, Triumph and Yamaha motorcycles that are fully equipped with crash bars, skid plates, lights, panniers and all the other little items that Adventure Bikes need.

If you're thinking about the purchase of an adventure bike you've probably found out that it's difficult to get a test ride doing the things the bikes were built for. Most dealers won't let you take a motorcycle off the pavement due to risk of scratches or damage. It's also impossible to get an "apples to apples" comparison since most dealerships have differing "test ride" policies. We can help you figure out which bike is right for you with our innovative test ride program.

Let's face it - everyone loves to try out the latest motorcycles and gear, so we'd like to invite you to try our "Triple Nickel" Adventure. This unique program gives you the opportunity to try out any 5 motorcycle makes in our line, on 5 incredible rides, over a 5 day period. This program is aimed at riders who are contemplating the purchase of an adventure bike and would like to compare them all "back to back" in the real world.

It's hard to make a decision about the purchase of a new Adventure Bike with the short street rides that most dealerships offer; so our 5-day demo vacation might be the perfect solution to getting real test rides. We'll have the BMW GS, KTM 990/1190, the Triumph Tiger, plus the Yamaha Super Tenere. Each machine will be fully outfitted with all the goodies that make Adventure Bikes so cool and you'll have a full days ride on 5 different bikes during your demo experience week with us.

The 5-day ride described below is not only an incredible riding vacation, but a program geared to help you make an informed decision about what's right for you in an adventure motorcycle. Each day's ride has similar amounts of pavement, similar terrain and similar mileage. At the end of your experience you'll have had a great chance to evaluate every aspect of each motorcycle you've ridden in nearly identical conditions.

Boreas Pass Day 01: The Boreas Pass Loop. Located just 40 miles north of our camp is historic Boreas Pass, over which a narrow guage railway originally connected the ghost town of Como to Breckenridge. Boreas Pass is also located on the Continental Divide at an elevation of 11,400 feet. The view from the top is unbelievable. Today's 200 mile adventure leads you over the pass into Breckenridge and back on mostly unpaved country roads past many idyllic Colorado ranches. It's a wonderful blend of Old Colorado and New. Como is shabby, tired and faded, almost a ghost town but made up of the old square fronted buildings the old west was known for and it has lots of relics of its glory days. Breckenridge is the epitome of a modern Ski Resort town situated in a stunning valley full of Aspens and Pines. It's a great introduction to riding in Colorado.

Aspen Alley Day 02: The Monarch and Marshall pass loop. Today's 150 mile ride takes us south out of camp on an unpaved country road toward Salida, Colorado. We'll fuel up in Salida and head for the Continental Divide at the top of Marshall Pass. Marshall Pass is nothing short of stunning. The aspen forests are lush, dense and amazing, the views are stupendous. Words can't adequately describe how impressive the high mountains of Colorado are. This is one of the great mountain passes of the state. We'll continue down the western slope of Marshall Pass and into the rustic one horse town of Sargents before we head back up to the top of the Continental Divide again over historic "old Monarch Pass" & from Monarch we'll head into the rough and tumble town of Buena Vista; Colorado for fuel before returning again to Camp.

Pikes Peak Day 03: America the Beautiful personified. Today we head west toward Colorado Springs and the incredible Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is the home of the second oldest mountain climbing race in the US and is nearly the highest place you can visit in the USA.

At an altitude of over 14,000 feet Pikes Peak was indelibly etched in America's consciousness when a woman named Katherine Lee Bates penned the immortal words to the song America the Beautiful. No truer words have ever been written because from the top of Pikes Peak you can truly see the beauty of spacious skies, purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain. You can see all the way to Kansas and the wheat fields that are described in the song. The view from the top of Pikes Peak is simply awe inspiring.

After Pikes Peak we'll head down through Colorado Springs toward the famous mining town of Cripple Creek. This is another great glimpse into Colorado's turbulent past. Cripple Creek is a shadow of its former self, but we'll stop for a tour of the historic Molly Cathleen Gold Mine. You'll ride an unusual air powered train deep into the mountain for a glimpse of what life was like in an 1890's era gold mine and after the tour we'll head back to camp via some wonderfully scenic dirt roads.

Leadville Day 04: Leadville and Aspen via Hagerman pass. Today's 160 mile loop takes you to America's highest incorporated city! Leadville, Co. - which is located at 10,000 feet making it the highest city in the US. A famous, historic and fascinating place Leadville is our jumping off point for yet one more awesome mountain pass – Today we'll ride Hagerman Pass, where we once again cross the Continental Divide at an altitude of nearly 12,000 feet. Hagerman is one of the most rugged passes on our circuit, and from the top of Hagerman we drop down into the world famous ski resort of Aspen. From Aspen we'll return to camp via Independence pass which is the highest paved road over the Continental Divide in the state.

Your ride out to Aspen and back is not only spectacular but it's also some of the most dramatic riding you'll ever do.

Click on the links below so see some of the scenery.
Hagerman Pass       Independence Pass

Mt Evans Rd. Day 05: The Highest road in America. Yesterday you rode the highest paved road over the Continental Divide and today's loop takes you on the highest road in the United States, period! Today you'll enjoy some of the most incredible views on the continent. The Mount Evans scenic byway is America's highest paved road with the most incredible set of high mountain switchbacks you've ever ridden.

It's beyond a stunning day – just over 250 miles of riding with an equal mix of paved and unpaved scenic back country roads. It's a fabulous way to wrap up a great week of adventure.

So there you have it… 5 days, 5 bikes, 5 incredible rides!

Stay tuned for a chance to sign up and more!

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