Phase 1: The Intro To Adventure Camp

An introduction to dirt riding techniques in Colorado

We have scheduled our first ever Ladies Only training camp! Click here for details.

Photo By: Steve Hobart Motorcycles like the BMW GS and KTM 990 Adventure are the SUV's of the motorcycle world, yet many riders of these bikes are nervous about taking them off into the dirt, even though that's what they were designed for. Why is this? Well, mostly because they are heavy and awkward, as well as expensive to repair. This combination makes riders reluctant to ride them off the pavement.

But even if you're on the pavement, how many times have you had to creep through miles of mud and gravel along a section of "road under construction?" Or wanted to visit a special attraction in a national park only to find it way out in the dirt somewhere.

Even if you are not interested in becoming a dirt rider, it can be useful to have some "dirt skills" because sometimes you find dirt in unexpected places. If our training helps you avoid one unintentional dismount, then the savings you get from not having to repair your bike will pay for the class. And as an additional bonus: it's a recognized fact that dirt skills improve your street riding.

So, speaking of dirt, ponder this: Many of our National Parks have some of their most incredible natural wonders at the end of a dirt road. Let's use Death Valley National Park as an example. Death Valley is America's 2nd largest national park, but it sports only 150-miles of paved roads, while there are over 1100-miles of dirt roads. Imagine actuality, almost all of Death Valley's most incredible views and natural wonders are 10 to 30-miles into the back country on rough, dirt roads. And most of our National Parks are similar.

For additional perspective, consider this fact: more than 95% of the world's roads are unpaved. In our "Intro to Adventure" program you will learn the top five mistakes all street riders make in the dirt. We'll teach you a series of "building-block" skills which will get you comfortable with the basics of riding the dirt roads of the world.

"Intro to Adventure" training will include:

  • An introduction to dirt riding techniques and the top mistakes people make.
  • Body position for effective off-road riding
  • Throttle, brake and clutch techniques
  • Weight-shift techniques for steering
  • Balance techniques
  • Turning technique using counterbalancing
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • How to control front and rear wheel skids
  • Hard Acceleration technique on dirt and gravel
  • Hill Climbing
  • Descending steep hills in a controlled manner
  • How to ride in Sand and Gravel
  • How to recover from a stall on a steep hill.
  • How to turn around, fully loaded on a steep hill.

Adventure Camp also provides hands on technology overviews, opportunities to learn about the tools and equipment that are available for the adventure rider, plus demonstrations about such important things as tire repair "on the trail".

Short Film about RawHyde's Adventure Camp by: Stephen Gregory.


How familiar are you with your motorcycle? Today’s motorcycles are increasingly sophisticated and the systems and sub-systems are baffling to some folks. Terms like ESA, Traction Control, ABS, and Enduro Pro can be confusing – let us help you figure out the nuances of all this. Additionally, most motorcycles leave the factory in a “one size fits all” manner and there are many things that you can do to optimize the bike to your size and weight. We touch lightly on some of these things in the weekend class, but this clinic will not only make you intimately familiar with your machine, but will help configure the bike ergonomically so that it fits you perfectly. The price for this clinic is $125.


Thinking about signing up for an off road class? Want a little extra Learning time?? We have learned through our years of experience that many folks (especially new off road riders) would like to dip their toes in the water before jumping into something in which they have no experience. Its quite normal to have the “jitters” but if you’d like a little extra time to figure things out before the formal class begins you can take advantage of a new program we’ve started called “The pre-training clinic”.

This is a four hour program that begins on Friday afternoon before everyone else arrives. The clinic is geared to ease you into the training program with a little more confidence. The clinic focuses on Balance, Throttle and Clutch control and basic braking. There are several advantages to this – early arrival, extra time on your motorcycle and a very personalized experience to build your confidence before class begins. The clinic size is limited and the price is $325. There is no additional charge for use of a bike if you’re renting for the weekend from us.

**compare our pre-training clinic to “early boarding of an aircraft” Get in early, get settled, and relax before the rush.

Take both clinics for the discounted price of $400.

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