Scheduling & Cancelation Policy Information

Scheduling and Secondary Classes

Our Rider Training Schedules are set in the following manner. We operate at least one training class (primary date) per month, which is usually the 3rd weekend of the month. Based on demand we then open additional dates as bookings dictate.

Cancelation Policies

Since our classes are typically sold out prior to commencement, last minute cancelations are very difficult to replace. Therefore, if you find it necessary to cancel or "reschedule," the following policy is enforced:

Cancellation or rebooking 45-60
days before Scheduled date
no charge or full refund
Cancellation or rebooking 30-45 days $75.00 fee
Cancellation or rebooking 15-29 days $150.00 fee
Cancellation or rebooking 8-14 days $250.00 fee
Cancellation or rebooking 1-7 days Forfeit Deposit

Cancelation due to Rain or Natural Disaster

Rain is part of the "Adventurer's Lifestyle," and we train accordingly. There are times when you ride in the rain, and there are times when you don't. If the weather forecast during a class indicates showers or light rain, The Class goes on!

If the forecast is for a solid storm, however, we will postpone the class and give you a "raincheck" or voucher which entitles you to attend any available class in the future. This is inconvenient for all, but it's simply no fun to try to learn in a downpour. In the event of weather related cancelation, it is our policy not to issue refunds. Typically, we can only offer a 3-day notice of the necessity to cancel a class due to rain. We realize that for clients who must fly-in this represents an additional inconvenience, so we will extend a $50.00 credit to help offset the re-booking fee with your airline. We try to never cancel a class as we realize that many of our customers have planned for months to participate, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

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