There is no better way to cement the skills learned in our "Intro to Adventure" or "Next Step" classes than to embark on an authentic 2-day "Adventure" immediately after your class wraps up. Imagine a 2½ day, 340 mile motorcycle adventure through the heart of the world-famous Mojave Desert. This area is full of historic ghost towns, abandoned gold mines and awe inspiring landscapes, but most people will never get a chance to see the "real desert" because the terrain is too foreboding, plus there isn't much paved access!

BCA The BMW Off-Road Academy and their experienced desert guides will take you safely through the heart of this amazing place on an adventure you'll never forget.

The Base Camp Alpha always runs directly after a scheduled Adventure Camp and begins at the BMW Off-Road Academy's headquarters in Southern California. You can either make it an extension of your off-road training at Adventure Camp or sign up solely for the tour. However, if you have never taken any of our off-road training camps we strongly urge you to do before taking this tour. All the skills you learn at Adventure Camp will be put into action on the Journey to Base Camp Alpha.


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